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Lucid was initiated by a small group of friends in the Autumn of 2015: a playful and dynamic Sunday gathering taking place once a month in Berlin. A feast for the soul and senses, where natural high vibes roam wild & free…

We are now a thriving community of individuals interested in the possibilities of co-creation and the transformative powers of music, dance, ritual and togetherness. Our visionary DJs and guest live-acts embody the wide spectrum of SOUL and MEDICINE music, from Hip-Hop to House, deep-rare grooves to Organic-Electronic. We strive to create a platform for musicians and artists that are not only providing aesthetics for our eyes and ears, but to build a space where we may be moved, inspired and left more embodied, awake and connected.

Each gathering features a different theme and a simple ritual: supporting us to arrive, to open ourselves to our experience, and to connect to the transformative power of community and shared intention…. an opportunity to align ourselves to the power within, the power between us, and the unseen powers that support us. We do not serve alcohol, but this does not make us ‘anti’ anything. We have local artisans and culinary adventurers serving various high vibe medicines such as raw Cacao, super-food smoothies, herbal concoctions, raw/vegan cuisine and much more.

Lucid aspires to be free from dogma or belong to any sub-culture. A space where genres are blended and the unknown is entered, where people from the whole spectrum of Berliner sub-cultures can come together and dance:  queer friendly, international, open-minded, creative with a DIY mentality. The awakening of sparkling souls – in Berlin and beyond – is happening right NOW and we wish to provide the clubhouse for this evolution: to play, to connect, to dance, sweat and dreamtogether.

Curious? Here are some more facts about Lucid ∞

We are a non-commercial community event:  When the production costs of putting on a gathering have been settled, the DJs paid and a few of us paid a small sum (that by no way covers the hours we put in) there is generally nothing left, and if there is, it’s invested into the next event. Lucid is made possible by all the countless hours our crew of Co-Creators put in… Although we are much bigger than other ‘conscious dance’ events, as organizers we make much less money.17499051_633862940143132_8696017353131774702_n

About a third of participants of each gathering are our crew!  We think that’s pretty amazing. Some people have been with us since the very beginning and each event brings fresh faces with it.

We are experimenting with moving towards empty-centered organization, moving away from a more more hierarchical model, and receiving support from our friends at Vanilla Way.

Would you like to be part of our web of co-creation?  Reach out to co-creators@lucid.dance, and we’ll be in touch shortly…

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

–African Proverb

|||||||| // Lucid ist ein beseeltes, spielerisches und dynamisches Sonntags-Gathering, das einmal im Monat in Berlin stattfindet –  wo Musik, Tanz, Gemeinschaft & sich mit natürlich hohen Schwingungen wild & frei verbinden. Unsere visionären DJs und Live-Acts verkörpern das breite Spektrum der SOUL Music: von House zu Hip-Hop, von Funk über eclectic-electronic zu deep/rare grooves, und von lokalen Talenten zu ausgesuchten internationalen Gästen. Jedes Event beginnt mit einem einfachen Ritual, das uns verbindet und der Magie des Abends öffnet! Wir verkaufen keinen Alkohol, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass wir „Anti“ – irgendetwas sind. Wir präsentieren Euch lokale Künstler und kulinarische Abenteurer, die Euch mit hochschwingender „Medizin“ versorgen – rohem Kakao,  Super-food smoothies, Kräutermischungen, veganen Köstlichkeiten und vielem mehr. Lucid strebt Freiheit von allen Dogmen oder der Zugehörigkeit zu irgendeiner Subkultur an. Ein Ort, an dem sich die Genres mischen und das Unbekannte erfahren wird. Wo Menschen aus dem gesamten Spektrum der Berliner Subkulturen zusammenkommen und tanzen: queerfreundlich, international, open-minded, kreativ und mit einer Do-It-Yourself-Mentalität. Das Erwachen der funkelnden Seelen – in Berlin und darüber hinaus – geschieht JETZT – und wir wünschen uns mit Lucid das Clubhouse für diese Evolution zur Verfügung zu stellen: um uns zu verbinden, zu tanzen, zu schwitzen und zu träumen…gemeinsam!