We soulfully invite you to our





Honoring the journey we have taken together the past 2 years, as we give reverence & gratitude  to the death & ending of this cycle of Lucid for now


SUNDAY OCTOBER 15th at The Farm

…Death is very much a part of life, and it has cycles like leaves falling in Autumn, it has touch, taste, sound, feeling…think about it…to be in a culture where death is not seen as failure or an enemy, it is seen as a stage of life. 
A whole culture where growing up, living, getting old and dying is all part of the web of the community of life…

— Ram Dass

Lucid was born in a Basement-Keller in Wedding on a Sunday in October 2015
Birthed by a Heart-Core 4-some of Ruby May, Andreas Richter, Maegan Gorbett, and Tjalling van Wijck, and about 13 of our closest friends and allies…

Our Vision was to create something NEW:  to birth a new SPACE for our fellow Berliners to not only DANCE to the finest Underground Sounds that Berlin has to offer, but to SWEAT naturally to high-vibed-medicines, and DREAM a new Reality Awake…by blending the borders between sub-cultures, blurring the lines of dogma, and exalting our values for freedom, respect, inter-connectedness and love…


All while remembering Ritual:  by creating rituals upon rituals for us to align ourselves to the power within, the power between us, and the unseen powers that support us…

In the past 2 years we have gone BEYOND these original visions and have:


  • Been influential in the Berliner Community by not only blurring the lines between sub-cultures, but we have marinated in the edge-dwelling qualities of creating NEW Cultures:  by allowing themes and rituals to emerge from within us, by merging different artists, DJs and Genres of Underground music, and by creating platforms where there have been none before…our gatherings have already fertile ground for Transformative Culture.


  • We have been TRAILBLAZERS on multiple levels, while at the same time have created more Oneness & Unity:   inside & out.


  • We have been influential in creating more natural ways of gathering, where independence on outside substances (and more emphasis on inner-balance and grounding) have been cultivated…and we have helped Mama Cacao spread her seed!  (For better or worse 😉 remember this one?)


  • Have seen our beginning circle of creation turn into a HUGE ripple of co-creators who have made Lucid a true Community:  who have dreamed, sweated, laughed, cried & manifested multiple waves of created spaces…


Over the past 2 years–as a Community and Living Entity–we have struggled, been challenged and confronted by our collective and individuals shadows, not just our Light, time and time again…

We have wrestled with our Martyrdom, with finding strong (non-violent) and reliable Communication skills, our boundaries in giving and receiving, our perfectionism, our lack of sustainable financial structures, our transparency, not enough time for true rest, reflection & celebration, and countless waves of confrontations inside and out!

∞ Lucid is a radical experiment of human potential, and this co-created field demands that we use it for our own transformation if we allow it to be...∞

And Now, After 2 years on this beautiful hamster-wheel of dreams, manifestation & co-creation, it is time to allow this cycle to die, so that something new may be re-born

...If you just fall in love with the flowers of the plant, you will have nothing left when the Autumn comes... Lilly Lotta Lorenz

Our Birthday Funeral Service will be lovingly held by the following Dream Weavers

Doors open at 14:00:  Welcomed by Door Dragons, lead lovingly by Lilly Lorenz


Altar of Transformation created & built by Thomas Zerbst

14-15:30 First Wave of Ambient Love provided by DJ Kolibri


15:30-17:30 Second Wave of Ecstatic Magik from Berlin-Brother  Chak.ra (aka Scott Binder)


17:30 Birthday-Funeral Cacao Ceremony & Medicine Sound Healing Journey held by Jennifer Ann & the Thunderflies


Lucid is incredibly blessed to welcome 3 amazing soul-musicians, coming from Amsterdam to Berlin, to offer not only the holy-sacrament of Mama Cacao to our hearts, but to soothe our body & soul with the healing frequencies of Sound & Music:  Vocalist & Ritualist Jennifer AnnCharles Belfor on Cello, and Lerant as Percussionist


19-21:30 Womb-Tech-Waves & Transformational Beats provided by Lucid co-founder Alma ∞ Omega

21:30 Closing Ritual Performance by Titaan :: Tiffany Tara

Our Invitation for you–our Community–as part of this golden web we weave together:

Think of something you like to bury:  a thought, a perspective, a chapter…something that is ready to be faced, felt, released…For your own transformation…feel into what that might be…what is tugging at your body, heart, soul?


Please come dressed in your most colorful clothes and most beautiful threads…!

∞ Location ∞
∞ The Farm Community ∞

Dorfplatz 3, 12526 Berlin

Nearest S-Bahn:  Grünberg Allee…we encourage you to take public transport, as parking will be limited!

!…There will be no pre-sale tickets this time…!

∞  Beloved Community

With deep respect we honor was has been:  our triumphs AND our mistakes, our challenges, and our evolution…just as the leaves on the trees outside are preparing themselves to die, to release, we too are preparing ourselves for the Last Lucid in this shape and form…

After 2 years of Growth, Expansion and Experimentation, it is time for the cycle to close, to release, to somehow die…In order to be re-born again into new dimensions.

In many cultures around the world, death is celebrated as a remembering and an opening into a new, unknown dimension.  Into the fire the soul is released, and is freed to return to a new body…It is a sacred duty to assist in this process, for the good of the whole community.

For this:  we honor your presence and your participation:  the past 2 years, AND at our soulful Transformation Celebration we shall take part in Sunday October 15th together…

With Deep Love & Respect,

Tribe Lucid

…every ending is just another beginning…