Lucid Principles

Everything is Welcome

We are a person-positive event…!  That means we invite you and everything you are: mind, body & beyond!

Lucid is a space that welcomes the full spectrum of emotions we can experience: from joy to grief and everything in between…We are becoming continually aware that we have various hungers for various connections (for Solitude, for various levels of Contact, for Community & for connection to Spirit), and we strive to create spaces that honor these ever-changing desires inside and outside us.

We Love Inclusivity & Diversity!

Lucid welcomes all ages and identities, AND the mystery of what we haven’t yet discovered about ourselves, leaving room to grow and learn…

We strive to honor the diversity of the individual (in our Tribe and Community) as well as the ever-growing “We Consciousness”, as we learn to grow, play and expand between these spectrums.

A dream you dream just alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together is called Reality” — Yoko Ono

Everything is Medicine

Medicine is anything that helps us return to balance. Lucid strives to create a gathering in which everything – from the music, dance, food, drinks, interactions, atmosphere (even non-violent conflicts!)– are all medicines, if we allow them to be…

We are all POWERFUL Co-Creators

Your energy, passion, and unique gifts are all part of this dream-weaving-web..From giving to others that which you’d like to receive (could be as simple as a smile!) to volunteering, to creating a little offering or project, to helping to empty the trash…

Lucid is an experiment in Co-Creative-Potential and we invite you to play with the realization that you are MUCH more powerful than your mind might think you are…And we’d like to seduce & tickle you to activate this power: at Lucid and in Life!

If you want to go fast, go alone…If you want to go far, go together.”  –African Proverb

We are all Space-Holders

At every Lucid we have an Empathy Station – a corner where volunteers share empathy for those who need a gentle ear or loving touch. But we all have the ability to hold space for others and everyone is invited to come and share the gift of empathy, whether inside or outside the empathy station, with yourself or with others.

Remembering Ritual

We have a simple ritual at every Lucid: supporting us to arrive, to open ourselves to our experience, and to connect to the transformative power of community and shared intention…. an opportunity to align ourselves to the power within, the power between us, and the unseen powers that support us.

Honoring the sacred in the profane, Profane in the Sacred

Sacred life-force is all around us and in everything, knowing no distinction (yeah, even that booty bass and the booty dancing to it). It lies beyond duality and brings us into contact with ‘what is’: whether that is playful, expressive and silly or silent and serious …Lucid strives to honor the cyclical nature of life inside us, and outside us: honoring the wholeness of life.

Lets be excellent to one another!

Let’s shine out into the world that which we wish to receive ourselvelves:

  • Through compassionate communication
  • By asking for what we need
  • By expecting the best in one another
  • Through honest communication
  • By creating supportive systems: individually and in our community

Core Values: Trust, Support, Love, Playfulness, Inter-connected-Community