Lucid Principles

Everything is Welcome

We are a person-positive event! That means we invite you and everything you are – mind, body and beyond! Lucid is a space that welcomes the full spectrum of emotions we can experience- from joy to grief and everything in between.

Everything is Medicine

Medicine is anything that helps us return to balance. Lucid strives to create a gathering in which everything – from the music, dance, food, drinks, interactions and atmosphere are all medicine.

We are all Co-Creators

YOUR energy, passion, and unique gifts are all part of this dream-weaving-web. From giving to others that which you’d like to receive yourself (can be as simple as a smile!) to volunteering, to creating a little offering or project, to helping to empty the trash, Lucid is an experiment in co-creative potential.

We are all Space-Holders

At every Lucid we have an Empathy Station – a corner where volunteers share empathy for those who need a gentle ear or loving touch. But we all have the ability to hold space for others and everyone is invited to come and share the gift of empathy, whether inside or outside the empathy station, with yourself or with others.

Remembering Ritual

We have a simple ritual at every Lucid, which connects everyone, brings us into a similar wave-length and sets our intention for each gathering.

Lets be excellent to one another!

Let’s shine out into the world that which we wish to receive ourselves!