∾ Lucid's Summer Gathering of the Tribes ∾

August 25 – 27, 2017 @ Spitzmühle

∞ Creating New Culture ∞

“We have to stop CONSUMING our culture. We have to CREATE culture.” — Terence McKenna

Calling all the Edge-dwellers, Mystical Misfits, Trailblazers of Authenticity and Warriors of the heart!

Calling all the Earth Lovers, the City Dwellers and Feral Urbanites that need to nurture their connection to Nature, who long for Radical Play!

Calling all Intrepid Explorers, the Pirates and Pioneers of the New to come together, to weave the Sacred Dream and create New Culture, together as one Tribe…

We welcome you to this Tapestry of Tribes and Families:  ever-growing inner-connections fuelled by our inner-visions where 1 + 1 = 3

 ∞ Join us for a gathering of the tribes from around the globe – from Guatemala, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, the UK, Ireland, Serbia, the United States, Indonesia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Paraguay, Turkey & more – meeting together on the sacred grounds of Spitzi-town to weave together, to share our heritage & specials flava’s of Kulture, and to find the one-ness that connects us all. ∞


∾ In ‘da Mother Beat within a beat within a beat within a beat we dance as ONE ∾

We’re delighted to be collaborating with the following weavers…

WARTE:MAL  Thomash Alma ∞ Omega ● Peter Power‘s Voodoo-Carpet-Ride ● Aluna Ritual Music:  Maywa & Steffen Kirschoff ● Sunday Siti ● Shepherd ● Mose Robert  INTICHE ● Santi & Tuğçe Live ● Naf Tali ● Anir Leben ● Kathrin Keller ● Tina Zimmermann ● Thomas Zerbst ● Nicole Olmsted ● Ulrich 1000 Lights ● Jon Darrall-Rew

…and more to come…

● Kids Area ● Empathy Station ● Sauna ● Fire ● Healing Area ● Workshops ● High vibe medicines ●


Bring your kids, your creativity and desire to actively participate, your most sparkling and daring selves to share, your instruments and toys and good vibes!

::Luscious Line-Up ::

:: Friday ::

:: Saturday ::

:: Sunday ::


:: Inspiring Workshops ::

:: Visual Artists ::

1000 Lights:  Live Lightpainting!

Tina Zimmermann:  Spitzmühle resident artist, weaving the natural elements into light & life

Kiwi Peter:  “Feeling Beautiful” Live video installation celebrating the feminine

:: Healers & Empathy Station ::

We’re excited to announce that as well as our Empathy Station we will also be welcoming a variety of healers, massage therapists, bodyworkers to come and share their gifts with us, by donation!

:: Rituals & Ritualists ::

  • Altars created by Thomas Zerbst & Nicole Olmsted
  • Calling in & Dancing the Elements Opening Ceremony with Thomas Zerbst,  Nicole Olmsted and Kathrin Keller.
  • Sacred Cacao Ritual & Ecstatic Dance with Ruby May,  Nicole Olmsted and Mose
  • Sacred Tobacco Ceremony with Malena and Mark
  • Initiating Humanity into our Individual  & Collective Purpose Closing Ceremony with Jon Darrall-Rew
  • Rape’ Temple:  Hosted by BeAmazon: Money raised at this temple will go to this special project in the Amazon


We are offering a three tier pricing system. Please pay what you can!*

Supported Ticket – 125 euros (includes meals and overnight lodging:  bring your own tent)

Regular Ticket – 150 euros (includes meals and overnight lodging:  bring your own tent)

Supporter Ticket   – 175 euros (includes meals and overnight lodging:  bring your own tent)

Day Tickets – (Saturday or Sunday) – 50 euros

*Please be aware that we are doing our very best in Lucid-land to keep the price as low as possible so as many of our beloved community can attend as possible. With very high costs for this particular event, we are faced with quite a struggle and are deep in debate on the subject of how to tackle finances within the context of ‘creating new culture’!



Spitzmühlenweg 2, 15344 Strausberg

(Nearest Sbahn: Hegermühle. Either take a taxi from here or cycle the last 25 minutes!) or offer and look for ride share’s here!

Watch our Lucid Community share their dreams of Creating New Culture

∞ Inspirations for our Co-creation of New Culture with you ∞

  • Creating our own rituals for communion: with nature, community, and ourselves…Not only collectively as a group, but all individuals are invited to create their own rituals, and (re)discover their power and significance to Life.
  • Our artists are also invited to be inspired by the natural environment, and to enter a field of co-creation with other artists, ritualists, and guests:  weaving a web of magic, expression, freedom and reverence for the land and for one another…
  • We stand for the rise of global-consciousness in the world:  the return to reverence and celebration of Nature’s cycles, community, and awakening of both “Tribal-We-Consciousness” & the supportive fabrics of our own unique individual paths, as we learn to dance & play between the 2…
  • We begin by honouring the unique foundation of Berlin’s Energy Vortex:  a place of freedom, transformation, a place where the shadows dance with the light,  where we can integrate & celebrate both! A place where beauty is found in rawness and unlikely places, a place where we can get dirty with ecstasy and be transformed through creativity…
  • We support the Underground:  where true creativity, liberation and transformation has always and WILL always exist…We support Authenticity, Realness & Rawness, with open-hearts and open minds!
  • We are creating a gathering that is in it’s nature INTENTIONAL, and we are increasingly aware of our POTENTIAL to create something bigger than ourselves when we allow ourselves to open this field of conscious intention, mixed with the Magic of the UNKNOWN
  • We make mistakes, like all humans do, and we dedicate ourselves from learning from them and from one another!  True power comes from vulnerability, flexibility, compassion & receptivity, and we strive to learn and grow through the challenges of life’s chaotic dances :)

We are grateful & excited to celebrate the connections and bridges we have built over the past few years on this Sacred land of Spitzmühle with YOU, your Tribe, your Vibe…and weave some serious next-level magic together !

See you on the Sacred Lands of Spitzi…

Mad, Sweaty, Summer Love,

Tribe Lucid

Please note the following:

There is a no alcohol, photography or mobile phone policy at Lucid.

We thank 1000lights for these stellar photos from last summer’s gathering…!