Lucid was founded by Maegan Gorbett, Ruby May, Andreas Richter and Tjalling van Wijk in 2015. An average of a third of the participants of each of our events are our dedicated ever-increasing crew, who gather regularly to reflect, dream, plot and plan:

To offer henna paintings at Lucid is always very special for me. Freedom meets creativity in a space created with love and joy. In a harmonious atmosphere people can be completely them selves and can let go of all the issues and themes which stops us to be in our real flow of life. As a professional henna artist it is a big gift to paint for so many open hearted people at one event.


Henna Artist

Lucid provides a community to which I can contribute by being myself. It allows me to follow the path of the heart, to bring people together in trust and acceptance. Whether I do this as the calm caring centre of the empathy station or as wild weaver of spirit and beats on the dancefloor, my commitment is to honouring and celebrating life. Lucid also gives me a practice ground for my passion of creating and holding spaces where we can welcome ourselves as we are, be it in pleasure and joy or sadness and pain, appreciating what is alive in us as the authentic expression of the universe through us in this moment. Lucid is also tribe to me, one of my favourite ones across the Berlin vortex, where I can pour love, like honey, into the web of life that connects us all.


empathy station lead

Lucid to me is a collectively woven dream, co-created from the strands from our most precious inner-visions, manifested into physical reality:  creating an energy vortex of Beauty, Freedom, Expression and Transformation that empowers and inspires all involved…My deepest wish is that all that we learn, absorb and are touched by within this field of Lucid, will trickle out into our individual lives, as well as out into the greater-community and World at large…Dreaming a new world AWAKE, dance by dance, dream by dream…My role in Lucid is that of DJ, Visionary-Musical-Programming, Co-creator-facilitator, and Guardian-of-the-Vision, and I feel deeply blessed to be a strand in this ever-growing-web of sparkling souls, dancing into destiny.
“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”– Emma Goldman, & on Soundcloud

Alma ∞ Omega Maegan Melissa

Co-Founder || DJ

Lucid is a weaving together of many of my favourite things in life: dance, community, free-expression, electronic music and above all using these things for our transformation: opening ourselves to the magnificent beings we truly are. I see my role in Lucid as being a guardian of the vision, facilitating our community meetings and also overseeing the ritual aspect. My intention is that everyone can connect to the ritual and find purpose and meaning in it, regardless of whether we identify as ‘spiritual’ or not.

Ruby May

Co-Founder || Ritual creatrix

Part of me is a dancer, another is a dreamer, and yet another a nerd. All together I like to be whole at Lucid and bring in my diverse qualities. And Lucid has been a spiritual exercise, with intensive personal and group processes were I practice being in service to the community and leaving space while guiding and guarding the vision. This has brought me to a state of letting go while being present, challenging and complimenting.

Andreas Richter


I like the daytime. I like to dance. I like to solve problems. My joy with Lucid lies bringing people together and creating a world where they can bring out the best in themselves. Lucid and its community offer me a platform where I – and not only I – can thrive in my passion. It also regularly brings me challenges with inter- and intrapersonal processes, and of course, the man-made construct of society. I appreciate the energy and challenge it gives me. Lucid attracts a nice crowd with lovely people and together we organically nurture this community. And for the afterparty: don’t forget the Zauberkugel!

Tjalling van Wijck

Co-Founder || Production Lead

Julian Enders is on the search for a peaceful world. He tries to understand his own needs and those of other people. He goes through the world, watching conflicts,seeing people hurting each other, asking himself: Why? He creates and trys to live his vision of letting people be like they are, respecting their story. Not teaching, but giving support and offering to create an atmosphere of respect, so we can learn from each other. He is gathering experience to mediate conflicts, trying to find a way that everyone can have a good time. So in the warm space of lucid, he saw people dance and smile and wants to support it. His support is the idea and effort to to connect the needs of the children at Lucid with the ones of the adults and creating a space where all visitors can encounter each other on the same level, explore, discover and inspire each other in a lovely atmosphere.


Kreative kids space koordinator

Being part of Lucid gives hope and allows us to  believe in a future for the planet where we communicate from the heart without fear, we understand with all clarity that there is light inside of us and there is also darkness and struggle and that both are OK and need love and acceptance. With the understanding and ending of the internal struggle between dark and light  we can create our own paradise on earth. Lucid is a shining example of a beautiful future and it is a joy and priviledge to be part of this dream.


Ecstatic Kitchen creatrix

Being part of Lucid is a wonderful experience for me. Apart from having the chance to connect to marvelous, freedom-loving souls
it also kind of restores my faith in humanity. Because it’s pure bliss to see that something so wonderful like Lucid can develop out of pure
compassion and dedication, absent of hierachic structures. My hope is that this kind of „working“ together will find it’s way into all structures of society…
No matter if in traditional office spaces, construction sites or any kind of institutional or campaign work: Let’s change working into cocreating, Lucid-style


Lucid is a Movement for change. It has been a chance to experience heaven on earth and to reawaken the forgotten parts of myself. The Ritual, the dance, the people and the healing have become a monthly sanctuary to reconnect to Magic.


Nicole Olmsted


Lucid has always welcomed me and everyone else warmly and without judgement. I have danced and loved every single one so far and it has always recharged me for the coming month. It is a place where soberparty meets Zeitgeist. Where I can be myself and see others the way they are. The combination of great music, dance, ritual, raw cacao, healthy treats and the most wonderful, unique and inspiring people and on top being child friendly, made Lucid THE number one event in Berlin for me. This is the change I want to see in the world.