Lucid is the result of a large number of crew and participants who come together in order to create the magic! Our core team however consists of four:

Alma ∞ Omega Maegan Melissa has been passionately opening portals of magic since her first house-party in 1997, coinciding with her life-purpose for creating alchemical spaces of transformation, celebration, healing and releasing…She is an avid believer in the power of DANCE and MUSIC to elevate & connect the spirit of humanity: allowing us to get back to the basics, our roots, our hips, our hearts, our oneness…no dogma on the dancefloor…just a dream within a dream, and a dream we dream together. 
“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution”– Emma Goldman
Find out more about Alma ∞ Omega here:, & on Soundcloud

Ruby May is an earth-loving, truth-seeking illuminatrix, facilitator and creative visionary, whose passion is to work with ritual and transformative spaces. Her background has included a degree in Psychology, festival coordination, burlesque costume design, training as a sexological bodyworker, facilitating sex-positive workshops all over the world and offering intimacy coaching sessions, before becoming a Lucid co-creator. A guardian of the Lucid vision and manifesto, Ruby supports the production and coordination of each gathering, taking a specific interest in the ritual element. Lucid is a weaving together of many of her favourite things in life: dance, community, free-expression, electronic music and a shared intention for opening into the magnificent beings we are! Find out more about Ruby at

Andreas Richter has a diverse background – growing up in East Germany he learnt a lot about mathematics, natural science and IT, but for his studies decided to go to a business school, where he had the chance to study abroad a lot and gained insights into the corporate world, investment banking and business consultancy. After his studies he moved to Berlin, founded internet startups, engaged with the party scene and festivals, made a yoga teacher training and learnt about spirituality and healing. Part of that is being a passionate dancer. It is that history that enables him to contribute to Lucid and to build bridges between the different worlds of technology, organization, spirituality and dancing.

Tjalling Van Wijck is a true organizer. This combined with his strong love for music has stimulated him to look for and find the nice artists and venues, and makes him able to put events together well. He has wandered from green energies to event organization and back, always looking for the most optimal and efficient way to put a project together. His love for and focus on music and dancing has stimulated the birth of his open air daytime parties.  After recently moving back to Berlin (from the Netherlands), he is the freshest Berliner in the Lucid crew. Daytime partying and dancing: Tjalling is very intrigued by what Lucid is teaching and bringing him and is looking forward to the future development of this diamond-in-the-not-so-anymore-rough.